Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Family Hike/Archeological Dig

Ry, Green, Burton (our Jack Russell Terrier) and I went for a hike through the woods. We live at the very end of a (minimally traveled) dead end road which borders a state owned wildlife/tree preserve. My family has lived on this road for 5 generations now. I moved away for college and (through a series of extraordinary coincidences!!!) am living here again. Different house, same road. At times it's bizarre to walk with Green down the same trails that I once played on with my sister when we were small. I saw the remnants of an old fort we had once built and it was completely surreal. Not that I didn't love growing up here but (like like most 18-20somthings) I really thought I was done with this place and moving to Alaska (insert faraway destination of your own personal yearning here). The universe works in mysterious ways!

A few days ago Green and I were walking with Burton and discovered a couple of old glass bottles in the dirt. I was pretty stoked seeing as though Ry and I have been cutting up quite a few bottles lately So I picked them up and started back home. A few days later we were out for another walk when I discovered an entire mound of castoffs from another time- sweet vintage glass bottles!!! And some rusty old cars, creepy doll pieces and a moss covered shoe. What a find!!! So I hiked back home and got Ry (and a bucket) to gather up some of the glass.
Here is Green riding happily in the ergo

Our archaeological find

Mossy shoe

Papas sculpture- a baby doll head very artfully stuck onto the top of a bottle... so creepy I haven't been able to sleep since

So while it was defiantly cool to stumble upon all of this cool junk in the woods, it is defiantly a a reminder just where 'away' is when we throw something away- it's on the ground. Or in the ground. Most of the stuff looks like it was from the 50s or 60s (maybe even earlier?), and although I am sure some decomposition has taken place, it is defiantly a reminder of how long things take to break down, if ever. I think as a society we are defiantly more mindful in terms of reusing and recycling materials, and fixing our possessions rather than tossing them and buying new things.
I really wish Hatch Hill dump in Augusta would start recycling mixed paper (cereal box type cardboard) as I can't bring myself to throw it out! Until I can find time to bring them to Farmington, our garage is becoming full of broken down boxes. I've started to try and figure out a way to make my own packing boxes for my Etsy sales, so I can use some of them. Maybe if more people start calling and asking when they planning on taking it/why don't they things might change faster?


bonnie said...

I am so in love with these pictures--brings back wonderful memories of me and my sisters going on digs ourselves :) And I soooo want a picture of this bottle and doll head. Love love love it :)

The Folk Art Tree said...

and I was taken with the moss covered shoe....enchanting.

Michael Hawkins said...

I'm loving the pictures (except the doll because, well....bughhh). And I love that you're already getting the little guy acquainted with the trail. Now you just need to get him a miniature back complete with miniature carabiners.

Sarah said...

The mossy shoe is amazing! Love it!

kanishk said...

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