Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green's Birth Celebration and Wooden Teether Giveaway Winner!

One year ago, we welcomed our little Green tree into this world. He surprised us and arrived 3 weeks earlier than expected. I can remember when we first figured out we were going into labor- we were at our friends house for dinner and I had been having really strong contractions all day long. I really wanted to get out and see our friends Lou and Yaicha to help get my mind off of the contractions. We had a delicious dinner of some super spicy food and the contractions started coming a little faster and closer together. I asked our friend, who was also pregnant with her second child, if she thought this could be it as she had done it before and I can remember her saying "Dude, you are totally going into labor!" Less than 24 hours later, Green was born, weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces.

We had a gathering at our home to celebrate Green's first year of life- and he had a completely amazing time! We invited about 25 of our close friends and family to help us celebrate. It was a gorgeous day, so Green and his buddies were able to crawl around in the grass while the grown up guests mingled, played with the babies and noshed on the delicious food that everyone brought to share. I was a bit nervous that he would be overwhelmed with all of the goings on but he soaked it in with a smile!

One of the definite highlights was the giant pine cone Greeo found and befriended- until we figured out it was completely covered with sap! His hands are still a little sticky three days later!

As a Mama gift, some of my friends chipped in and got my a gift certificate to the spa, so thanks to them and Ry, I enjoyed a facial and hair cut/foil the day before. It felt amazing to be pampered and it was SO far from what I was doing at that time last year!

Our happy family

Playing croquet

Ry and I made some delicious organic cupcakes

Green tree rolling around in the grass- happy end to a happy day!


Thank you so much to everyone who entered in the maple teether giveaway! This was my first blog giveaway but I hope do do another in the future. The winner is Jennifer L. ! Congratulations! I will be e mailing you shortly to set up shipping details.

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